Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wedding Invitations

I haven't yet photographed all of the hand-made cards I received this year, but I haven't forgotten, and hope to get them posted, but it will have to wait, as we are visiting family and friends all week, and I won't be home to get to that... so I'm blogging post using photos that are saved onto my computer, or those that I take this week!

I created the diamond/squares on My Digital Studio.  I could offset the letters 45 degrees, so that I could cut the paper into perfect squares, and got these perfect diamonds.  I could fit at least 12 on a page.
A few months ago, my friend, Lissa, asked me to help her make the wedding invitations for a young friend of hers.  I know this beautiful young lady; in fact I taught her older sister.  It has been a while since I've been an 8th grade Science teacher, and I loved it.  But still, it makes me feel a bit old, making the wedding invitations for a former student's little sister!  But this is what we came up with!

The invitation is a folder, held closed with a belly band.  We took a blank sheet of Basic Black cardstock, stamped it all over with Serene Snowflakes, then wrapped it around the invitation.  Add your initialed square, and you've got simplicity and elegance!  The rhinestones added just the right touch of sparkle.  They were all a little different, with the sparkles landing on a snowflake somewhere along the border.

The invitations came together pretty easily, with only a few rookie mistakes.  We found a run-on sentence in the directions, and tried tbox o hand-write a comma, but other than that, I think they were beautiful.  I loved the colors that Amy and Jason chose.  Pacific Point, Basic Black, and Naturals White (it has tiny black flecks in it)  The wedding info is glued down, but the folder side holds the reception info, directions, and hotel info.  There's also an RSVP postcard tucked in there too.  This was Lissa's gift to Amy, so she paid me for all of the supplies.  And we discovered that Stampin' Up! supplies ended up costing less than using a big-box store!

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