Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2011 Lebanon Holiday Parade

Just a quick family post!  You know I'll have to add these once in a while, as I am blessed with 4 kiddos.  These are my youngest 2, Jesse (6) and Mikayla (7).  Yes, I know they have a bit much make-up on, and I don't think it would be so bad, if I had some blue eyeshadow or something.  I really did a double-take, when seeing how grown-up they look with my brown eyeshadow on.  So I have since then gone out and bought a new set of eyeshadow, complete with blue, purple and pink!  We'll see how they look at the Chrismas Eve performance!

Each year, Lebanon has a Holiday parade, marking the day that Santa arrives at the mall.  It is a nice flat, straight, mile-long parade, and we had perfect weather for it!  I probably overdressed the girls, but it was really cold in the morning, so they each have another entire outfit under the sweats, turtlenecks and hoodies!  This is them at the beginning of the routine, and as cute as it was, this was the only time they were all together!  It was a bit of a hot mess, but the kids were clearly having fun, and the watchers seemed to enjoy it too...

I shall definitely be trying blue eyeshadow next time!  I'm not ready for smoky eyes! 

Jesse after the parade, wanting to go home, but a cup of cocoa and candy cane cheered her up nicely!

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