Thursday, December 29, 2011

Calendar Project!

This calendar is a gift that I received from Monika Davis, when we were at Leadership convention, last year in Nashville, TN.  I first met Monika at National Convention in Salt Lake City, 2010.  She needed a roommate to convention, and sent out an email within a group that we are both in, and so I answered, saying that I had always wanted to attend a convention.  So we met then, and hit it off, and have tried to room together when we are both attending the same conventions.
It is tradition to have a little gift for your roommates, and this is what she gave us.  It is a calendar that has 4 sides to it.  I will show you the other sides over the next few days.  This would be a great class project right now!  It features Season of Friendship stamp set.

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