Monday, April 2, 2012

A Reason to Act...

This week I had an unexpected death in my family.  My uncle had been struggling in a few different areas of his life recently, health included, but we did not guess that it would end this way, at least not so quickly.  All of us in the family have been struck by this, in some way or another.  One thing that I most hope to take away from this, is to not put things off.  I had been thinking of my uncle, with the intention of sending him a cheerful card.  But I didn't; I put it off, and now it's too late.  So I am going to try to send out at least 2 cards each week, to friends, family, or whoever comes to mind.  Perhaps I will look for a ministry that could use this type of encouragement.  But in the mean-time, I will just work at getting better at sending birthday cards, and encouragement cards to friends and family.

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