Thursday, February 16, 2012

Reunited with a Friend!!!

I have more Leadership pictures to share, but I wanted to spend a little time talking about the Regional event that was on Saturday.... Leadership had wrapped up on Friday.  I had posted a picture on Facebook of the Riverwalk, and my very dear friend, Chandra, commented on it, saying that she was going to be in San Antonio for the Regional!  This totally made my week, and spending the day with Chandra was one of my favorite parts of the trip!  We have been friends since 1989, when we met in Oklahoma at a camping convention.  We were both teen queens for our states (me, PA, Chandra, MN).  It was cute and fun, but Chandra and I just really hit it off, staying in touch through the years.  We've been friends ever since, seeing each other most summers at National Campvention, until college, and marriage started keeping one of us away each summer.  The last time I saw Chandra, I was pregnant with Jesse (my 4th), and Chandra was saying that she was thinking she would have to go home and make some babies of her own.....  So that was 7 years ago.  It was great chatting with Chandra while we made our Make and Takes, telling stories of our moving around the country, and swapping prayer requests at the end of the day.

Here is Chandra with Shelli, in her Alamo T-shirt...  There's a story behind that too.... When Chandra and her friend arrived at their hotel, they had left their luggage in the car for just an hour as they waited for their room to be ready.  Well, you can probably guess the rest.  The vehicle was broken into, and all of their suitcases (and Chandra's swaps!!! oh the horror!) were stolen.  Chandra was so sweet about the whole thing, and bought a souveneir t-shirt to have something clean to wear the next day.  My convention friends/roommates all gave her extra swaps, and when Chandra told Shelli her story, Shelli had a really good point....why would anyone want a suitcase?  There's not much of value in the clothes....the carryon has all the electronics and such!
Here I am with Shelli and Sterling.  Last year I had my picture taken just with Sterling, because I was chatting with him and mentioned how supportive he always had been of Shelli, and how the only reason I was able to go to Leadership was because I had a supportive husband at home, caring for our children in my absence.

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