Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Change Anything!

Okay, this is a little funny, because way back when I signed up for Leadership, I thought this book class would be good for me.  But at the time, we were in the middle of moving, and then settling in (and peeling wallpaper) and I just forgot about this class.  I remembered when I got to San Antonio!!!  So I bought the book as a download for my phone, and started reading between classes, in the evening, and here and there...  I got through all but the last few pages of the book before my class, but am now going through the book again, taking more notes and trying to implement some of the suggestions.

Much of the book deals with things like getting finances back on track, or losing weight, and those parts had great information, but I was most interested in how to be more productive in making my business grow, since I've just recently moved, and haven't made many friends yet.  I may try to touch on this topic again down the road, but if you are looking for a book to help you to see the reasons you have been unsuccessful in the past, so that you can make positive changes, this one has some great tips.  Ellen Richardson led the class, sharing her Change Anything moment with us, and challenging us to find our own thing to Change!  Thanks, Ellen!

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