Monday, November 14, 2011

Christmas Cards!

I have more fall and halloween things to post, and I'll try to do that soon, because I know that next year there will be new papers and goodies to fawn over!
I have offered Christmas card kits to my customers the past few years, and with the move and an irritating email problem, I have not been able to send out the cards I have to offer this year.  So I've decided to do it here.  I know I have a small audience so far, but I've got to start somewhere, right?
Here's a photo of all the cards....
I had a Stamp-a-Stack with some dear friends at the Beka House in Boswell, PA, 2 weekends ago, and these are what we made!  My theory was to have 2 religious cards, 2 whimsical cards, and 2 elegant cards, to suit everyone's tastes.  The stocking is meant to be a gift card holder, or you can put candy canes in it, silverware for the table, etc....I had about 20 of each card prepared, and the ladies made almost all of them!  So, when I went to the Fall Crop at Camp Harmony this past weekend, I made sets of 8, and again sold most of them.  If you are interested in having much of the drama of your Christmas cards removed by not cutting your cards, let me know!  I'll cut and prep them for you!  All you have to do is stamp and assemble them.  I will have a close up of each card soon.  Price will be $10 for a set of 8 cards (all the same).  That includes envelopes.  I'm not yet sure if I can offer shipping at that price, so I'll let you know soon.  I have 50 cards going out in the mail tomorrow, so I'll see the cost for that....
Have a wonderful day!  I'm off to get the kids off the bus!  I've been trying to jog (1/3 of a mile) there, and when I started, couldn't even make it to the first stop sign!  I'll let you know when I make it the whole way there and back without stopping!


  1. First, I love the blog!!! Looks great!
    Second, I would like to get a couple of sets of these!
    Give me a call, maybe we can come and see you for the day!
    Again, great blog!!

  2. Thanks, Donna! I would love for you and Emily to come (of course Teaghan has to be here too!) I'll make snacks, and we can make some cards! Let me know which cards you'd like!